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Pursue Referrals the Right Way

This is a recorded webinar given by Karen Woodard in June of 2016.

Most clubs would love to be able to say that they have lots of members who have referred multiple new customers. If you truly investigated that (not relying on what you think but what you definitively know), you would find that very few members have referred more than one member to join, and the majority of your members have not referred anyone to join. Ouch!

This reality exists for several reasons:

  1. Our industry does not excel at graciously creating referral business. We ask our members for anyone who is interested in joining rather than simply graciously engaging them to invite a friend to be a guest and enjoy a terrific experience at the club so they will want to join.
  2. Most membership sales staff are not systematic about pursuing referrals. They are more reactive, waiting for members to say they have a friend who is interested in joining, and feel uncomfortable with proactively looking for the next sale.
  3. Many members are unaware of referral opportunities, primarily due to points 1 and 2. Of those that are aware, clubs tend to focus only on rewarding members for referral. Experience has shown that there needs to be a combination reward and recognition system.

In this webinar, you will learn 5 proven methods for increasing traffic and driving sales for your business.

Karen Woodard, President of Premium Performance Training of Boulder, Colorado & Ixtapa, Mexico, is an international author and consultant devoted to successful sales, operations, management and service training. She has owned a variety of businesses over the past 15 years including a body/mind center, 3 fitness centers and 2 indoor rock climbing facilities in Boulder.

56:03 minutes