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Sales Success Checklist

This is a recorded webinar given by Karen Woodard in May of 2015.

This webinar is geared towards facility, club and/or hospitality staff looking to make an impact on their business. You may have had sales training in your organization multiple times and because of this believe you are executing on what you’ve learned. So often that is not the case. Just because we know something does not mean we do it consistently. In this webinar, we’ll create a checklist of what you need to do consistently to create repeated success all year long.

Karen Woodard, President of Premium Performance Training of Boulder, Colorado & Ixtapa, Mexico, is an international author and consultant devoted to successful sales, operations, management and service training. She has owned a variety of businesses over the past 15 years including a body/mind center, 3 fitness centers and 2 indoor rock climbing facilities in Boulder.

1:11 hours