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Online Training: ICG Survivor

REPS 4 Points, ACE .4 Credits, NASM .4 CEUs

This learning resource is offered as a part of the Indoorcycling Group’s commitment to increasing the battle against cancer and awareness of its impact on our communities. The module will discuss the positive role and impact a health professional can have in mitigating some of the affects cancer has on an individual. In studying this module will not qualify you as a ‘fully trained expert’ but you will gain an in-depth understanding of how to deliver practical exercise programming and the many aspects associated in working with Survivors; the module will cover:

  • Your role as part of the multi-disciplinary team of those working with Survivors
  • Benefits of the group exercise setting for Survivors
  • Positive impacts exercise has on the symptoms of cancer
  • Range and type of treatments used and the impact on exercise
  • How exercise can mitigate some of the symptoms of cancer
  • Structure training programs to assist in rehabilitation
  • Improvements to the quality of a person’s life that exercise brings
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