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Online Training: ICG Myride + Ergogenic Effect

REPS 4 Points, ACE .4 Credits, NASM .4 CEUs

The principal aim of this program is to examine the multiple components of physiological and emotional responses to music combined with visual imagery, its impact on sporting performance, exercise adherence and the response elicited in a participant in offering the “complete experience” to indoor cycling. To this end the following objectives will be defined and discussed:

  • A grounded theory of the use of music, real world video footage, computer generated gaming imagery and principles applied in fitness equipment and group exercise disciplines
  • Impact of altering music tempo and intensity on students’ emotional, affective and behavioral responses
  • Relationship between music, forward motion imagery in identifying the neural origins of the experiential phenomena
  • Role of motoneuron excitability in the physiological, emotional and behavioral responses experienced in the combined experienced due to the combination of music and forward motion video
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