The Business of Fitness  //  Facility Development

Drive Revenue & Retention With Technology

This is a recorded presentation given by Ted Vicky on March 2016.

Fitness technology is taking the country by storm. Millions of Americans are using wearables and apps to track their workouts and nutrition. All the devices and tools are growing increasingly integrated so that workout sharing is virtually effortless and social support is immediate. Is your facility ready to connect to all the tech and your members?

Ted Vickey, is the founder and president of FitWell, Inc., a fitness consulting company specializing in digital wellness technologies, innovative strategies, leadership coaching and operations techniques. Vickey began his fitness career as the executive director of the White House Athletic Center, where he worked under several presidents for 11 years. Vickey currently serves as a senior consultant of fitness technology for the American Council on Exercise, and he advises nonprofits on how technology can enhance health and wellness programming. He holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sport science from Penn State University, a master’s degree in entrepreneurship management from the University of Limerick, and professional certifications from Hootsuite Social Media, Toastmasters International and ACE. He currently lives in Southern California.

23 minutes