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Go Solo: In-Trinity

Experience In-Trinity with GO SOLO. Explore new ways of moving to build strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and agility. This package includes an overview of board setup and an orientation to your In-Trinity practice. You will progress to dynamic movements, increased repetitions and faster pacing through the Warrior 1 and In-Trinity 1 programs. The Journey Through Time & Space entrainment audio track is included as an accompaniment to your practice: Layered soundscapes provide a transportive journey for the senses, stimulating creativity and personal transformation. For board owners.

Your purchase includes:

  • Setup Video
  • Orientation Guide
  • Orientation Video + Profile + Sequence
  • Warrior 1 Video + Profile + Sequence
  • In-Trinity 1 Video + Profile + Sequence
  • Journey Through Time & Space entrainment audio track
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