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Developing Small Group Training

This is a recorded presentation from Karen Woodard on April 2016.

In this 60 minute webinar presented by Karen Woodard of Premium Performance Training you will have the tools to develop and sell out your small group training programs that will have a positive impact on the results, retention and revenue of both members and Staff. The tools presented will include the following:

1. Surveys – success depends on being market driven…survey your users to understand what they want.

2. Begin with the end in mind: work backwards with the numbers and the calendar

3. Do the math – cost and pricing

4. Program planner

5. Program concept/outcomes

6. Curriculum for each program

7. Goals for each program

8. Marketing tools and time lines, program tables, intro events, demos, set up for POS

9. Who the sales team will be to meet/exceed goals

10. Communication and training to sellers

11. How to lead a group of 7 – 20

12. Documentation of outcomes for edification and future marketing, goal sheets, tracking

13. Follow up steps for participant’s progression plan to enroll in next option

14. Wash, rinse, repeat

Don’t miss this value packed event that will yield a high return for your non-dues revenue.

1:12 hours